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Chartered Kindergarten

Chartered Kindergarten

The Chartered Advantage

Most parents are not aware that other private Kindergarten programs may not be academically-proven or even approved by the Department of Education. In fact, most day centers offer a Kindergarten program that is licensed through the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services which holds them to state daycare standards only.

Children's Academy of Mason, on the other hand, charters our Kindergarten program through the Ohio Department of Education. We adhere to strict standards set forth for teacher credentials and quality of curriculum. We also incorporate all Academic Content Standards set forth by the Department of Education. We work closely with local schools to ensure complete readiness for the 1st grade - and then we exceed those readiness guidelines. It is typical for our students to be reading at a 2nd grade level upon graduation from the Kindergarten program.

The Difference

There's No Comparison Between Children's Academy of Mason's "Chartered" Kindergarten Program and the Competition!  Our Charter Distinguishes Us From Everyone Else!

Children's Academy of Mason Other Schools
Our kindergarten is Chartered through the Ohio Department of Education Their kindergarten licensed through the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services
Dept of Education Requirements: ODJFS Requirements:
Our kindergarten teachers are required to have a Bachelor Degree and be certified by the state of Ohio. Kindergarten teachers are required to be 18 with a high school diploma or equivalency.
Our curriculum is reviewed and approved by the Ohio Department of Education No defined curriculum standards
Our graduates are assured placement in the public 1st grade Not chartered so there are no 1st grade placement guarantees
We have state support for acquiring the best teaching tools and learning aides Held to state Daycare Standards only
We're held to strict Department of Education Standards  
All Lead Teachers Degreed No College Required
Our Kindergarten teachers have earned their bachelors degree and are certified to teach Kindergarten through primary grades Many of their teachers hold only a CDA degree requiring just 6 months of study!
More Differences Other Schools
Can accept children who will be 5 years old on or before Dec 31st Will only accept children who are 5 years old on August 31st
Full-day Kindergarten Program Most programs are still half day
Spanish and French-as-a-Second-Language Instruction Most offer no foreign language program
Hot, Nutritious Meals Daily Meals Provided?
Nutritious home-cooked meals prepared by our on-site gourmet chef You must either provide your child's meals or, if provided, it's overly-processed cafeteria fare.
Elaborate and innovative field trips rich in culture Infrequent field trips to the same stale destinations
You get more, much more and pay less at Children's Academy of Mason If it's not curriculum standards, teaching credentials or nutrition, what exactly are you paying for?

Children's Academy of Mason is the Only Choice for Parents Who Want the Best