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Enrichment Programs


Child Enrichment

Enrichment opportunities for your child shouldn't cost extra. And you shouldn't have to try and juggle your schedule just to spend time in the car driving them back and forth across town. Most enrichments are included in your tuition simply because they are part of delivering excellence in early education.

Foreign Language Instruction
Research has demonstrated that learning a second language provides children with increased self-esteem, a greater ability to master English, and the ability to perform higher in math and logic skills. Our Spanish and French language instruction is introduced in the early preschool classroom and instruction is continued throughout the years. Since learning a second language provides very clear and very compelling benefits to the student, this enrichment is included in your tuition.

Sign Language Instruction
Sign language instruction begins in our infant classroom. While verbal communication skills are unavailable to the child, sign language gives them an alternate way to express their wants and needs, whether she wants "more milk" or is "all done". Sign Language instruction continues throughout the preschool years.

Educational Field Trips
The most meaningful learning experience is a hands-on experience. Field trips are commonly scheduled as an extension of in-class studies and themes. Field trips include local museums (art, national history, natural history), science centers, nature preserves, and community services.

Students who are exposed to technology in the preschool setting will start their educational career with a distinct advantage. Each Children's Academy of Mason classroom contains computers and teachers incorporate the use of computers whenever possible during daily instruction time and free time. Children's Academy of Mason also has a dedicated computer lab which provides additional exposure to educational, age appropriate software and websites throughout each week.


Every child at Children's Academy of Mason is involved in the caring of class animals and plants. Aquariums, gardens, bird houses, and butterfly and tadpole growing kits will help your child learn the enjoyment of caring for another, experience empathy, and appreciate the delights that nature and the environment offer us.

Other On-Site Enrichment and Extracurricular Programs

Children benefit from any and all opportunities to expand their areas of interest. It may take some children attempts at many different activities before they find one or two that sticks and is worth the effort to find those interests that provide your child with opportunities for pursuits outside of scholastics.

Movement and exercise is detrimentally lacking in so many of our nation's children, yet children possess a natural love and ease of movement. To focus that natural energy through organized instruction is to engage the mind as well as discipline the body.

Many children are not able take advantage of dance or karate due most of all to their parent's hectic work schedules; there is not a lot of time left at the end of the day for taxiing the kids from one lesson or practice to another across town.

Children's Academy of Mason heard this parent concern and solved it by bringing the instructors to you. Now every student has the opportunity to reap the benefits of dance or karate, as well as numerous other activities without ever having to leave Children's Academy of Mason!

As part of our core curriculum, Children's Academy of Mason includes foreign language instruction (Spanish and French) as well as sign-language instruction beginning with infants.

Additionally, we offer numerous extracullicular activities to our children.  Below is just a sample of some extracurriculars offered by local 3rd parties instructors who come to our school throughout the week:

  • Webby Dance - Tap, Ballet
  • Karate Class
  • Soccer Shots - Soccer Training
  • Pianimals- Piano Instruction
  • Stretch and Grow - Physical ed