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Nutritional Standards

Unmatched Standards of NutritionEating lunch at Little Leprechaun Academy

We all know that growing strong bodies and sharp minds require proper nutrition. At Children's Academy of Mason, we know it benefits from superior nutrition. We believe a cold, bagged lunch is no match for a hot meal. And we believe overly processed food may be detrimental to healthy physical and intellectual development.

So how do we provide the freshly-prepared, home style meals your kids deserve? We employ our own on-site, gourmet chef.

Many area private schools require that parents provide lunches for their children. While a sandwich from home can certainly be a treat on occasion, who wouldn't grow tired of lunchmeat or PB&J every day?

Other area schools do provide meals and snacks. Unfortunately, most of these meals are overly processed foods like hot dogs, chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese. Aside from being inadequate for supporting a growing body and intellect, processed foods have been shown to exacerbate symptoms of ADD and ADHD, can interfere with concentration, and lead to sugar spikes that are followed by extreme tiredness. For nutritional content, there really is no substitute for a hot, fresh, nutritious meal.

At Children's Academy of Mason, your tuition includes breakfast, lunch, and two snacks. All of our meals are prepared on-site by our gourmet chef.  As with learning experiences, we believe the more and varied the better. Our menus are rich in variety; include ethnic selections, home-style favorites, foreign cuisine, and a wide assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables. And they are all kid-friendly and fun to eat!