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Getting Ready for a Lifetime of Learning

Our structured Pre-Kindergarten program focuses on your child's development of readiness skills in reading, math, and science; the development of a positive self-image; and respectful social interactions. Sign Language instruction, which began in the infant class is continued and expanded. Spanish and French as a Second Language instruction is also expanded.  Other areas of academic focus include creative art, music and movement, dramatic play, fine motor skills development, exploration and discovery.

Our teachers will work to build your child’s self-confidence by building on what he can do.  We have active learning environments that allow your child to choose from a wide selection of materials and activities.  Children are encouraged to make independent choices throughout the day.  As they pursue their choices, they explore, ask questions, solve problems and interact.  We teach children the learning method of "Plan, Do and Review" and teachers ask children open-ended questions rather than dictate learning. Your child will learn critical thinking, language and social proficiency.

We continue the scaffolding of Experiences by supporting children in their efforts to carry out goals and intentions and provide "just enough" support for the child to accomplish her goal. At the same time, teachers are watching for the opportunity to move children from acting with support to independent behavior.

In addition, it is evident that rather than one, general form of intelligence that can be used to describe (and separate) individuals, there are in fact eight different intelligences. Each child comes to the educational setting as an individual in terms of their intellect strengths, personality, talents, and interests. Our developmentally appropriate curriculum recognizes that not every child excels in all developmental areas or learns in the same fashion.

Your Pre-Kindergartner's Day at Children's Academy of Mason

We believe a pre-kindergarten curriculum should emerge from the interests of the child. For this reason, Children's Academy of Mason's teachers spend time observing and interacting with children, making note of the interests that are being expressed in their play and activities, and then planning the environment and activities based on these interests.

Our teachers build upon what pre-kindergartners are accustomed to from previous classrooms by using environments and daily schedules with which the children are already familiar. For example, both toddler and preschool classes include a Manipulatives center. But while in the toddler classroom the children connected bears, in the pre-kindergarten classroom they are matching patterns. Children began working on social skills while in the toddler class, and now that skill is taken one step further to encouraging awareness of another person's experiences and point of view. Each progression takes place within schedule and activity frameworks that are already familiar to the children.

When the Day is Done

Each evening you will receive a Day Sheet that details your child's activity throughout the day. Your Day Sheet will include what and how much your child ate for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner, detail on potty activities, and whether or not your child napped that day.We also let you know what we learned about in circle time, what we read and sang that day, and with which friends your child played.children love discussing their day with parents and siblings and you can share their excitement and incorporate new skills and themes into home life.

At this age, our teachers maintain a portfolio for your child and collect samples of their writing, art work and copies of progress reports. The portfolios are kept in your child's room so that you can browse through them any time. When a student transitions into the next classroom, their portfolio is sent home.


Sample Weekly Less on Plan for Pre-Kindergartners

Theme: Apples,Letter M
Circle Time: ABC, Weather, Counting/Numbers, Shapes, Colors, Sign Language for "More", "Apple", "Red" and "Grow"

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Book of the Day Ten Apples Up
on Top
We are the Same,
We are Different
The Giving Tree Johnny Apple seed The Very Busy Year
Language Apples on Top game Big M, little m Our apple tree,
with descriptors
Apple Show and Share Class Apple book
Spanish and French as a Second Language Instruction Expanded  
Art/Science/Math Part of an Apple Apple and lemon juice, what will happen? Apple juice/Apple cider, which is the favorite? Apple "fun-due" , a variety of dips Counting seeds,matching to numerical
Fine Motor Skills Paper weaving Using tongs Pegs Puzzles Lacing
Gross Motor Skills Worm crawling Ring Around the Apple tree Balance Beam Parachute large and small Apple Hop
Centers Dramatic Play: Pretend Orchard
Blocks: Small Legos
                            Manipulatives: Matching patterns
Sensory: Mixture
Reading: Books with visual supports
Art: Free paint with large sponges
Music 1 little, 2 little, 3 little apples Dance to the Music Instrument Parade Choosing Songs A-P-P-L-E song
Daily Goals Increase information on apples Practice M Social play Awareness of other's experiences Prediction skills