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A Time to Learn New Skills and Make Friends

As children reach preschool ages, their rates for acquiring new skills are vastly individualized. To best serve the developmental needs of each child, we manage multiple preschool classrooms broken out by age. These close groupings allow us to work with each child's unique developmental style and solidify emerging skills while continuing to challenge children who have already mastered the skills. Our Early Preschool lesson plans include Circle Time, daily and weekly themes, and instruction in the arts, sciences, and math.  We also continue and expand Sign Language instruction and incorporate it into Circle Time. The Early Preschool day also includes Center Time, which gives each child the opportunity to choose activities based on their preferred method of learning-through-play. Centers include dramatic/pretend play, building/manipulatives, reading, art and sensory experience.

Our teachers help to build your child’s self-confidence by building on what she has already accomplished. We have active learning environments that allow your child to choose from a wide selection of materials and activities. Children are encouraged to make independent choices throughout the day. As they pursue their choices, they explore, ask questions, solve problems and interact. We teach children the learning method of "Plan, Do and Review" and teachers ask children open-ended questions rather than dictate learning. Your child will learn critical thinking, language and social proficiency.

Early Preschool for 2 ½ to 3 year-old children

This is our beginning Preschool level. Here it becomes very evident, that children have different ways of learning, expressing and being. Each child comes to the educational setting as an individual in terms of personality, talents, and interests. Our developmentally appropriate curriculum recognizes that not every child excels in all developmental areas or learns in the same fashion.

We also see how children are continuing to construct their own set of ideas and principles. We continue to build upon knowledge and experiences with a variety of activities and centers in all classrooms. We work with the children at their individual level through modeling and hands-on interaction. We continue the "Scaffolding" approach and support learning by "Plan, Do, and Review.”

Preschool for 3 ½ to 4 year-old children

This level of preschool adds yet more structure than early preschool while staying developmentally appropriate. We continue to build on knowledge and experiences, and work with each child at their individual level and according to their individual ways of learning and expression. We encourage children to utilize all of their senses, both physical and emotional. Children are given the chance to experience a broad range of ideas and expression through a variety of music, art, and language activities. Social growth is further encouraged through play activities that foster problem-solving skills. 

Your Preschooler's Day at Children's Academy of Mason

In both of our early preschool classrooms, children spend their day in a more structured early education program that includes an introduction to academics through play and creative expression. Early preschool provides continued development of independent self-help skills such as eating, dressing and toileting with an introduction to math, science, and computers.

Daily and weekly lesson plans are geared toward readiness skills and self-expression that are appropriate for this age level. Teachers promote reading and math readiness, art, science, music, computers, and practical life. We expand Sign Language instruction to include key words from weekly themes, and introduce French as a Second Language instruction.

When the Day is Done

Your Day Sheet will include what and how much your child ate for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner, detail on potty habits, and whether or not your child napped that day.  We also let you know what we learned about in circle time, what we read and sang that day, and with which friends your child played. Children love discussing their day with parents and siblings and you can share their excitement and incorporate new skills and themes into home life.

At this age, our teachers will maintain a portfolio for your child and collect samples of their writing, art work and copies of progress reports. The portfolios are kept in your child's room so that you can browse through hem any time. When a student transitions into the next classroom, their portfolio is sent home. 


Sample Weekly Less on Plan for Preschoolers

Theme: Apples, Letter M, Review A
Circle Time: ABC, Weather, Counting/Numbers, Shapes, Colors, Sign Language for "More", "Apple" and "Red"

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Book of the Day Ten Red Apples I am an Apple An Apple Tree Ten Apples on Top Mike's Magnificent Day
Language Answering questions Story retell with visuals Felt board story retell Story prediction "m" is for munching
Art / Science / Math Introduction to French as a Second Language  
Fine Motor Skills Apple seed shakers Apple stamping and magnifying glass Our apple tree - color discrimination How many apples on top? Fishing for apples, how many can we catch?
Fine Motor Skills Cutting brown paper Apple and worm lacing Free paint with medium brush Puzzles Zippers and snaps
Gross Motor Skills Follow the Leader Balance Beam Large parachute games Apple Hop Apple, Apple, Worm
Centers Dramatic Play: Pretend Market
Blocks: Rainbow Blocks
Manipulatives: Connecting Bears
Sensory: Beans
Reading: Books with visual supports
Art: Free paint with apples
Music Dance with our shakers A-P-P-L-E Instrument Parade Our friend's favorite songs Dance to the Music
Daily Goals Familiarization with apples Sequencing Follow one-step routine Socialization Awareness of "m"